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We believe the following tips are helpful to you in order to a more convenience visit to our office. After all, we want you to be on time and relax looking for the better experience that you and we can offer to your child.

  1. Our office is located at 3850 Bird road in Miami, Florida. We have plenty of parking garage which is covered for those raining days. Make sure you are in Bird road and turn into SW 38 Court. Continue on this street for 250 feet until you see at your left the entrance to the parking garage showing – Merrick Pointe Employee and Visitor Parking – sign.
  1. Come into the garage; take the ramp up until you are on level 2. Miami Children’s Smiles has reserved parking for our patients in the ramp of level 2 and in level 3 as well. Look for the signs for Miami Children’s Smiles. Although, we have plenty of parking, there are more general visitor parking on levels 5, 6 and 7.

    Once you park your vehicle cross the bridge and look for the glass-metallic door and continue to the end of the hallway to find our office. (All bridges except Level 7 have stairs.)
  1. Coming with a Stroller.

    If you are coming with little ones or sibling on a stroller or patients that required being wheel chair bound, with recommend parking on Level 7. In this level there are not stairs between the garage area and the entrance to the office building. Once in office building take the main elevators to level 3.

If you decide you can also park in front of the building and, come through the main lobby. Take the elevators up to Level 3 and look for the office of Miami Children’s Smiles.

Our building is located across the AVIVA residences building. The entrance to our garage is located on 38 Court; The name of our building is 3850 Merrick Pointe.